All is About the Message

Music, Speech, Video, etc. All of then has a sound message, a mood, that must be transmitted to the audience, achieve it is my goal and the process is my passion

Something About Me

Hello, I’m Rafael Naranjo a Venezuelan audio engineer based in Greater Miami Area.  In 1995 after attending  Stock Music Center Institute, I furthered my experience by working as an assistant engineer in the studio of this institute. Later that year I was hired as the main engineer and had the opportunity to work in so many projects as also conduct the transition from the analogue tape recorder to the computer based DAW system (brand new for that moment) for this great studio.

A natural step in my career was start working like audio engineer for the live shows  of some of the artist I had have recorded or mixed in studio and walking through this two ways path, between recordings and live shows, I found a part of audio engineering where is only science and not artistic at all, this blowed my mind and suddenly I found myself immersed into this world of processors, frequency responses, time alignment and audio measurements. At this point I realized that I must drove the audio engineering like an integral whole world and not like separate isles, where everything are correlated and all together gave me a new big picture sight and a new set of tools to afford the challenges of any project.

Throughout these 25 years and counting, of audio adventures, I’ve been able to participate in numerous recordings, tours, concerts, conferences, designs and more, where all of them had the audio like a crucial part for the project  success, I left some pics, references and memories of them into the Gallery of this site, I’ll be very pleased with your visit and looking forward to get in touch with you to be helpful for your project

Z01Audio Rafael Naranjo mixing 02

Rafael Naranjo control room, mixing session

Z01Audio Rafael Naranjo FOH Engineer CDC

Rafael Naranjo FOH engineer, Show Caramelos de Cianuro, Atlas Golden Fest, Panama 2020

Z01Audio Systune TTC, Vytas Brenner 01

Systune, Teatro Teresa Carreno, Vytas Brenner tribute, Caracas, Venezuela 2015

Z01Audio Rafael Naranjo Monitor engineer Miami Design District

Rafael Naranjo Monitor engineer, Miami Design District

Z01Audio Rafael Naranjo Avid Venue Training

AVCOM & Rafael Naranjo running AVID Venue training, Venezuela

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Z01Audio Rafael Naranjo