I’m to Make Things Happen

Every project is unique and has his own challenge, is in my nature figure out and make it rock

In The Studio

Every Project is Unique, Get in Touch to know Yours

Z01audio Mix Service


Blending all the individuals tracks of a recording to create one outstanding balanced song with a wowing sound!!


The last step of audio post-production, is the preparation for their final medium, ensuring consistency of sound on an album


Vocal Comping, Vocal Tune, Time Alignment – Quantizing, Dialogue Editing, Post Editing, Restoration

On The Road

Every Project is Unique, Get in Touch to know Yours


FOH/Monitor Audio Engineering

Experience, Adaptability, Consistency and a pair of good ears are my tools to delivered a high quality show day after day, no matter if is a big  or a very small Venue, my approach will be  always the same


Systune (Sound system design & optimization)

The main goal is spread the same sound experience to the whole audience, ensuring the system is performing at its absolute best (out of risk) and everybody in the crowd will be ear almost the same


R.F. Coordination

How to tune a R.F.? if you don’t know how committed the spectrum is, that’s why in order to guarantee a rock-solid wireless coordination, an on-site R.F. scan is critical to avoid this annoying interference sound during your show

Some Project

Every Project is Unique, Get in Touch to know Yours



Promoting the understanding and effective use of audio gear with a professional judgment and consistent results over time, cutting years off your learning curve


Project Development

fter spent years learning using, and instructing others on the proper use of high quality audio gear, I’m at your service to help and guide you to develop your project, I’ll not try to talk you into buying a certain item that may not be right for your application, I focus on the right equipment for each particular Studio, Venue or situation

Z01Audio Rafael Naranjo

email: info@z01audio.com