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While it is certain we live in the Information Age, information alone is not enough. Information must be deployed with expertise and direction.

Just audio in itself can be a life-long study, i have been studding audio for more than 20 years. I sifted the information to presents only the things that really matter when it matters, using common sense explanations because audio is largely “horse sense” once the principles are understood.

My goal is offered a training to promote the understanding and effective use of professional audio gear with a profesional judgment and consistent results over time, cutting years off your learning curve.

Some training courses are:

  • Understanding and use of audio gear (Mixers, Processors, FX, X-over, etc)
  • Sound system design and setup for a live band.
  • Sound system design and optimization.
  • Pro Tools.
  • Mixing and Mastering principles
    and more

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After spent years learning using, and instructing others on the proper use of correct, high quality sound gear, i’m at your service to help and guide you to develop your project, i will not try to talk you into buying a certain item that may not be right for your application, i focus on the right equipment for each particular Venue or situation.

Whatever your project, sound installations for live or studio applications, or simply to elaborate the technical rider of your band, we can work together not only on your next project but for years to come.

To begin the process, we’ll set up a convenient appointment time to review your project and ask a number of questions about your specifics needs, that makes me understand the full scope of the project.

After the audio system installation is complete, i provide full training and ongoing technical support to ensure the system is understood and utilized to its full potential.

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