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Touring Services

FOH / Mon, Pro Live Audio Engineer.

A pro live audio engineer is considered like as important as any musician of the band, because in his hands and ears are the responsibility to deliver to the audience all the quality and feeling of the show, as well as send to every musician or performer the perfect mix balance to their monitor system.

Your audio engineer must have several experience because on the road every situation is different and the skills that are really required to be successful are adaptability, and the means to make the best of a bad job and still put on a show with half a microphone and three bits of gaffer tape, he must reach consistent results in every show night after night to guarantee the highest quality performance from the artist for the audience.

It’s important to know that not all live audio engineers are created equal, what sets my FOH/Mon engineering service apart is my consistent quality across a long string of high profile shows worldwide, with over 23 years of experience.

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Systune. (Sound System Design & Alignment).

Design is foundation! over the past 10+ years, i have provided sound system design services for live sound systems rental companies, theatrical sound designs, musical theater, performance spaces, bands and many other situations.

When you go to a concert, theater, conference, house of worship or wherever you listen the sound amplified through a sound system, something called Systune was involved in the design, implementation and optimization of this sound system The goals of Systune design are ensuring your system is performing at its absolute best (out of damage risk), delivering the sound at the mixing position to the entire audience ensuring uniformity of sound.

The systune design process workflow is:

  • A concept “artistic goal”.
  • Venue evaluation & modification.
  • System design & equipment choice.
  • Equipment verification & installation.
  • Alignment (optimization).
  • Realization: use & adaptation.

To achieve the goals i use Acoustical prediction softwares, Smaart v7 (dual-channel FFT analyzer), 6 dedicated meassurment microphones allows me to simultaneously measure the behavior of the sound system and all the experience of having aligned hundreds of sound systems.

The way i working do not force you to use a specific brand or type of loudspeaker, As an independent consultant, i’m not affiliated with any manufacturer, importer, distributor or rental company, Consequently, i’m able to choose the best products required by the circumstances and with your best interests in mind.

The meting point between the scientific and artistic sides of our world is the optimized design

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R.F. (On-site Scanning & Coordination).

Nothing is more difficult that work blind, without know how to tune a RF frequency if you don’t know how committed the spectrum is.

The need for frequency coordination is because the wireless mics, IEM, guitar transmitters and any other stage wireless device, operate in the UHF TV bands and the growth in the use of wireless technology. Every location has different channels actually in use and it is imperative to avoid picking frequencies which are on or near these TV stations.

Large shows very often require several tens of radio frequencies to operate all technical aspects. With the inherent interference problems that result when just two uncoordinated frequencies interact.

While sophisticated RF software can coordinate frequencies around TV broadcast channels and known production wireless gear, it can’t adjust for the possibility of a business next door using wireless mics in their conference room or other unknown sources.

In order to guarantee a rock-solid wireless coordination, an on-site RF scan is critical. I can conduct a comprehensive RF scan and provide a report detailing RF activity present in your venue as well as suggested frequencies to optimize use of your wireless equipment.

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